YouTube is never short of short films

There is no doubt that YouTube is a great platform for personal vlog channels and prank channels. However quick, snappy and entertaining videos are not the only videos which catch my attention. There are times when the wannabe filmmaker within me is unleashed and I am transported into a world purely made up of slow motion shots and beautiful lens flares, all captured from a drone, go-pro or a point of view camera. That is why all the credit must be given to Ben Brown and Jack Harries; two budding and talented filmmakers which have made a successful living out of their YouTube channels.  I religiously follow their content and by the end of this blog post, you may fancy having a little peek.

 Feeling the vibes with Ben Brown

Ben Brown’s videos are the reason that I want to travel to Cape Town, South Africa. He has done it all, from surfing the city’s rippling waves to hiking up Table Mountain – one of the country’s most prominent landmarks. He spends most of his time on the other side of the world with his South African girlfriend rather than his parents place in Surbiton, Surrey. The 30-year-old British vlogger, filmmaker and photographer is best known for his “Visual Vibes” videos, which he has filmed in several locations including the Atlantic Dunes north of Cape town, the bustling streets of London during the Notting Hill Carnival, Orlando in Florida and the Rickshaw Run in India. What’s surprising is his past career as a professional kayaker, having won the World Champion kayak paddler competition twice. What’s even more surprising is the fact that he only has just over 500,000 subscribers!

IMG_1611 (2)

IMG_1613 (2)


Jacksgap bursts with creativity 

Jack Harries has been on his gap year for about 3 years now, hence the channel name ‘Jacksgap’. The channel has over 4 million subscribers and was created by 22-year—old Jack and his equally good looking twin brother Finn as a way to document their gap year adventures. Little did they know that their channel was to be as successful as it is today!

Jacksgap is a channel rich in culture, and epitomizes the art of short-film making, stop-motion and capturing realism. Jack recently travelled to Tokyo, Istanbul and New Orleans for 24 hours at a time and filmed what he had experienced with a point of view camera rig, made from his old bicycle helmet. The idea is genius!

Documentary-style content is also uploaded onto the channel. The brothers went out to the Bahamas to meet Jillian Morris, a shark conservationist dedicated to changing the public’s perception about the animals:

In addition, the brothers uploaded a stimulating video about Climate Change from the icy island of Greenland:

The Harries brothers also embrace Skype as a platform to connect with their audience. They asked their viewers to send in video responses to questions about their deepest fears, what they believe in, and what they love, and made a compilation video with all the answers. In this way, the channel aims to urge people to work collectively and make a change which I find quite moving and inspirational.

If you want to see what else the filmmakers get up to, take a look at their YouTube Channels:

Ben Brown –

Jacksgap –


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